All Things Greek and Why creating a GReek directory is a GReat idea.

A quick guide why creating a directory of Greek businesses is a GReat tool.

Before All Things Greek. A little bit of history. What was the most common directory?

Many of us have come across a phone book. That brick, sorry I meant book that contained names and telephone numbers. For quite some time, phone books were the most common found directory. If you needed to find a business, any business, that was the place to look. If your business was not in the book, well truth be told, it did not exist.

World Wide Web brought a lot of change.

Then the internet came along and slowly but surely businesses started to move onto the web in one way or another. Luckily for all of us and for the forests’ sake on our planet, directories followed the same path. Directories have relocated to the web and have come a long way since the era of the massive phonebook. One click of a button and you find what you are looking for. Or if you are a business, one click of a button and you find your targeted audience.

Why do we need directories?

There is an abundance of information out there explaining why directories are important. Some go a step further and claim that directories are the future of Internet. There is so much information on the web, they argue, that we need the directories because they do the hard work to gather all the information and present it to us in a structured, defined manner.

A directory is a great tool for the consumer. Through the use of an online directory, consumers are able to locate a business that is relevant to their needs that exact moment. A directory makes it very easy for consumers to cut through the internet clutter and find what they are looking for easy and fast.

Moreover, most of the online directories allow posting reviews of their subscribed listings. This feature gives the consumer an extra layer of confidence when they make their selection.

Directories improve a business’s SEO.

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization is currently the talk of the town among marketing and web designing circles. In simple words, SEO is the process of taking certain steps to help a business appear higher on search engines. SEO is not easy, but it can make a huge difference in a digital marketing strategy.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to increase visibility for any business with any kind of online presence. Directories serve exactly that purpose. By choosing to add a business in a relevant online directory, entrepreneurs and marketing directors are increasing the business’s chances for more sales. Trusted directories make an excellent low-cost marketing investment for any business.

Specialists of the field suggest that online directories help businesses drive traffic to their site which in return helps to improve their branding and online ranking. Targeted online directories serve as a link with a relevant audience and increase a business’s chances of getting seen by more customers thus increasing people’s awareness of products or services that they offer. Needless to say, that submitting a business to any directory won’t help. The directory should be chosen based on a business’s audience, niche, and category.

A modern day GReek example.

Let me give you some context. I remember when I was younger in Greece (some) years ago and I wanted to go on vacation to one of the islands. Let’s say Milos. I used to go online and search “rooms to let Milos”. The search engine would come back with x number of results. Then, I had to get to work. Call the first on the list, let’s say “Villa Toula”. If I was lucky someone would answer the phone and I would start asking questions. Do you have availability, how far are you from the bus stop, the mini market, the beach, how much is the price and many more. Then call the next. Then the next until I reached a decision, or I was exhausted with the process. Do I still follow the same route? NO. Because now I can sit in front of my screen, enter one of the many online travel platforms, plug in the dates and destination and boom, I am presented with a long list of choices. With photos, reviews, information about the rental, amenities, and price point. Browse, choose, done! That’s a directory!

That of course is the experience of a local traveling withing Greece. Imagine how much difference these travel directories have made to the international traveler! The amount of information that is readily available provides to the traveler/consumer a guarantee for their upcoming experience. On the other end, hotels, rentals, tour operators and others in the touristic industry can attract more customers by showcasing their products and services.

Why All Things Greek, a GReek directory is a GReat idea you may ask? Here is why:

It’s created by Greeks.

The founders are Greeks. They were born and raised in Greece, moved across the Atlantic in their late 20’s and have experienced firsthand the desire to connect with other Greeks. The desire to talk you language, to find the products you used to enjoy back home, to connect with other people with the same background, to find the community you identify with. This directory was created to satisfy the needs of the founders first. It is a tool that they wished they had since day one in the USA.

It’s Greek all around.

All businesses must have a Greek connection to be added to the directory. Either the owners are Greek or of Greek origin or they sell Greek products and thus they serve the Greek community. Talk about a tight knit community!

Greek target audience – Greek focused businesses.

It’s a win-win situation. The businesses find the right crowd for their product or service and the consumers find the right business to serve their needs. Please, allow me to give an example. March bracelets. They are the cutest thing, and they have a special meaning. Would you ever find them at a department store? No, because Greeks are not their targeted audience. Would a Greek search for them there? Also no, because the department store is not a provider focused on serving the needs of Greeks. You can replace march bracelet with other products that relate to the Greek life. Stefana, vaptistika, livani, etc. However, the consumer will find the march bracelets, stefana, vaptistika or livani they are looking for through All Things Greek. In their turn, Greek businesses will find in All Things Greek the hospitable environment to showcase their products and services.

It’s a Greek connections platform.

Greeks like to stay together and support each other. We take pride into the fact that our connections and network consist mostly of Greeks. If you grew up with in the Greek community you have heard your parents say “oh, my realtor is Nick Papadopoulos, the best realtor in the city. He is Greek!”. That culture and tradition is nurtured through All Things Greek. Just a search in the Service tab will reveal a list of providers for all your needs and all of them are Greek. Lawyers, hairstylists, contractors, insurance agents, tutors, dentists, DJs’ and many more. Opa!

All Things Greek promotes Greek culture and history.

All Things Greek is designed to serve also as a stage for the rich Greek culture and history. Every aspect of the directory revolves around elements of the Greek life and traditions. From τhe logo, the chosen photos, to the blog posts have one common goal. To showcase the beauty of Greece and Greek culture.

All Things Greek is an idea.

All Things Greek is an idealistic but achievable project that wants to be the medium that brings Greece to the USA. All Things Greek aspires to play an acting role within the Greek community to help maintain the Greek traditions and torch them to the next generation. It is the founders’ way to give back to their community by serving the needs of the many.

From α to ω. All Things Greek.

What do you think? Is All Things Greek a GReat idea?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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