Our idea is romantic and ambitious; simple yet essential. Our mission is to bring the Greek community closer together by creating a structured, highly organized and easy to use directory in order for the visitors to search for their favorite products, places, services and connect with each other.

The idea is All Things Greek.

All Things Greek is an online directory of all Greek businesses, organizations and professionals that do business in the US. Whether you are looking for a Greek market, a souvlaki place, events celebrating Greek heritage and traditions, or you are in the business of selling Greek products, you are welcomed in our “Parea” and can help us fulfill our mission. Some examples of our vendors include but are not limited to retail stores (on-line and/or physical), restaurants, importers, services, churches, associations, nonprofit organizations, media outlets, Greek events and venues.

The last few years we are witnessing the online Greek stores growing in numbers while more and more Greek products become available to the US. Greece’s exports have grown around 20 percent over the past decade and traditional Greek products like “feta”, “olive oil” and “kalamata olives” are not the only ones that are attractive to the US consumers.  Greek entrepreneurs go to great lengths to introduce Greek products that are not only high-quality groceries but also   products from Greek fashion designers, Greek artists, Greek homeware brands and many more.

Furthermore, Greeks always want to connect and support their community, their fellow Greeks. We are the perfect example of that. As first-generation immigrants, we rely heavily on the knowledge and expertise of other Greeks and Greek-Americans. There is a built-in trust in the relationship between us. Our insurance agent, realtor, dentist, hair stylist are all of Greek descent. All Things Greek aspires to be the link between all of us in the US connected by the love of the unique traits of Greece, making it easy for connections to develop and networks to be formed.

Meet the ATGreeks

Bessie Spiliotopoulou All Things Greek

My name is Bessie Spiliotopoulou and I am co-founder of All Things Greek.

I was born and raised in Patras, Greece. I got my bachelor’s in Communication and Mass Media from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. After my studies, I returned to my hometown where I worked in my field in both the private and public sector until 2007 when I moved to USA.

I got my master’s from University of Pittsburgh in Applied Developmental Psychology in Education. I am married to George since 2008 and we proudly share three children. Lia who loves piano, Katerina who loves fashion and Yanni who loves sports. George is also Greek and we come from the same hometown.

All Things Greek is more than a project to me. It’s an idea that was born out love for everything Greek and for all Greeks as well. It’s an effort to connect the Greeks and the Greeks at heart with the businesses that will help them bring the feeling of Greece closer.

From α to ω· all things Greek!

greek listing logo

Hi world! I’m Maria Nikou, co-founder of All Things Greek and proud Greek!

I come from Drimos, a small village outside Thessaloniki where I was living until I came to the US back in 2016. I am married to my amazing husband and best friend Grigoris and mother to our newborn son, Ioannis Odysseas. 

My educational background is Legal with Bachelor and Master studies in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and Ludwig Maximilian University, Germany respectively and Business with an MBA from Hellenic Open University. I practiced law and was a mediator for 6 years before coming to the US where I continue my career as a Legal Consultant and Customer Success Manager in the Legal Tech industry.  

One of the common things us Greeks have is the love for our beautiful country, its products and the need to form a community and support each other. ATG combines all the above and so much more. We will put our heart and soul to connect Greeks/Greek-Americans/Philhellenes around the US and create a place for all of us to meet, explore and support each other.


From α to ω· all things Greek