Where I’m from. I come from Greece!

Photo by Chrysa Spiliotopoulou

A school assignment that turned into an ode to summer memories of Greece. Many of us have been blessed to spend our summer in Greece with grandparents, with relatives and friends. By the sea or under the shade of a tree. This writing hits home for so many.

by Lia Papachristou

View from Kastellokampos beach, Patra, Greece, hometown of “Where I’m from.
I come from Greece” author.

I am from cracked asphalt and beaches

 From dance parties on the lawn to riding too-small bikes

I’m from the sun and the olive trees

With knotted trunks and limbs swaying in the breeze

I’m from red tiled roofs and chickens

From stray cats and playing cards

I’m from cold chocolate milk to walking on the beach

From arguing with cousins and big full lunches

I’m from big hazy mountains and blue green waves

I’m from Fanta and trains and three-hour car rides

I’m from the bridge stretching from shore to shore

From ancient castles on the seashore

I’m from sneaky sea urchins

From sun bleached rocks

I’m from pink flowers and that old middle school a few blocks away

I’m from slow Wi-Fi and my cranky neighbors garden

I’m from small TV’s and slow Sunday afternoons

From old playsets and fast food

I’m from red orange sunsets and worn-out flip flops

From corner bakeries and old bookstores

from long ago broken air conditioning

I’m from ancestral homes and cat fights (literally)

I’m from my aunt’s preschool

from my grandpas black and white photos

from competitive cousins (that I’m older than, even if it is by six months)

I’m from that old apricot tree in my grandparent’s backyard.


  • Evangelia
    July 5, 2022 at 11:01 am

    Such truth and fond memories. We all can relate

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